Success Accelerated By Supporting

Smart franchisors understand the importance of training tools which they offer to franchisees aids in creating a profitable,rewarding and successful franchise business. The newbies in franchise business needs proper training and support to run business effectively. A well-trained franchisee is an asset to the franchise industry. Whether the recruited franchisee is experienced in the relevant industry or not, they require adequate training of the whole Franchise System.

Why Training ?

In the training program, they are provided answers of every Why's and how's i.e. How to operate the franchise business, the training related to service delivery, accounts and finance, store options,staff training, marketing, Management information system, sales and human resource. Franchisor, being the backbone of franchise appoints skilled coaches to conduct the training and support program for the best outcomes and the franchise is expected to implement whatsoever he is learning during the training program.

Categories of Training:

The Franchisee training is basically categorized as Headquarter training,On-site training and support and ongoing training. Below is the further explanation :

Preopening or Headquarters Training

Many franchisors offer informative and comprehensive classes usually at their headquarters to let them know about how their brand works. The workshop provides information on its history, products and services, customer service, store operations, business management training and staff recruitment. The training session also gives briefing on real estate, equipment and machinery, supplier relationships, sourcing requirements and reporting process. Franchisees may also get hands-on training within the franchisor's outlet to get an idea of the actual operational environment. Also the training notes and reference manual will be provided to revise afterward.

On-site Training

On-site training means starting the franchise operations. In this process,Franchisors send their opening team to the franchisee’s location to put the partner and his staff at ease with operational routine. The assistance, as per operational standards includes coaching on training and staffing, inventory management, procurement, marketing and retail, sales and product mix, reporting and accounting management, and lot more.

On-going Training

When the franchisee hires new managers, the new employees and staff. They also require proper understanding of franchisor’s standards and processes. This is called ongoing or refresher training. Also, if the franchisor introduces new procedures, new products or new policies, they might conduct a refresh course for his franchisee and also for the key employees to keep the track of system standards from time to time.

Where sometimes the training is free of cost, sometimes they may need to pay the set amount of money as well. The duration of the training session varies as per industry systems. It may take couple or days or weeks.

It hardly matters how effective the franchisee is. Training is indispensable for all the franchisees of every franchise system. As it brings uniformity and efficiency in franchise system and also makes franchisees capable.